NC Quick Pass is a pre-paid account used for all electronic toll collection. It is one way of paying for tolls on North Carolina toll facilities. (See Bill by Mail for the other method.) Drivers open an NC Quick Pass pre-paid account and use a small electronic device called a transponder. The transponder attaches to the vehicle and is read by antennas mounted above the roadway. Toll payment is automatically deducted from the customer's account. NC Quick Pass customers receive a discounted toll rate from non-account holders.
Once you sign up for an NC Quick Pass account and purchase a transponder, the transponder will be mounted to the vehicle. This transponder is read as you pass through the toll zones and the information is sent to our Customer Service Center. This information is processed, and a toll payment is automatically deducted from the customer's pre-paid account.
Signing up for an NC Quick Pass account is quick and easy through our online application at You may also download an application and fax or mail it to the NC Quick Pass Customer Service Center. You will receive your transponder in the mail within 5-7 business days.

Customer Service Center location/mailing address: 200 Sorrell Grove Church Road, Suite A in Morrisville, NC 27560. Fax number: (919) 388-3279.

Once you have signed up for an NC Quick Pass account, the easiest way to manage your account information, update or change credit card information, track transponder usage, obtain statements, or make a payment is through the website.

Yes. The cost of opening an account includes the purchase of the NC Quick Pass transponder and the initial pre-paid toll balance. Each vehicle listed on the account requires its own transponder. Click here for a current list of transponder costs and toll rates.
Customers who choose not to participate in the NC Quick Pass program will pay their tolls through Bill by Mail. As a vehicle passes through a toll zone, an image of the license plate is taken from an overhead camera. The registered owner of the vehicle is identified through the Department of Motor Vehicles and a Bill by Mail is sent to the customer for payment. Bill by Mail customers will not receive the discounted toll rate that NC Quick Pass customers receive.

If the bill is not paid within 30 days from the date of the bill, it will escalate to include fees, civil penalties, DMV registration holds and/or submittal to a collection agency.

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STOP! If you have ever driven on the Triangle Expressway and received a Bill-By-Mail invoice, click here
If you have ever driven on the Triangle Expressway and received a Bill-By-Mail invoice, your application must be processed from the Pay Your Bill/Bill-By-Mail tab. Please click here.

Since you have already traveled on the Triangle Expressway you will be converting your Bill-By-Mail invoice account versus signing-up for a new one. At the Pay Your Bill/Bill-By-Mail page input one of your invoice numbers and your license plate number (with NO spaces or dashes). If there is a balance due, it must paid in-full before proceeding. Once a $0.00 amount due is displayed, scroll to the top of the page and click the "Get NC Quick Pass Transponder Account" link. You will be able to complete the application process from there.

To create your NC Quick Pass prepaid Personal Account or Business account, use the links below on this page.

Personal Account

To establish your personal NC Quick Pass prepaid account, simply complete the online application. Alternatively, you may download, print, fill in and return the paper application.


  • One transponder per vehicle
  • Up to 5 vehicles per account
  • Refer to Business Account for 6 or more vehicles

Click here to enroll online.        Click here to download an application.

Business Account

Business accounts are available to companies that have vehicles used for business purposes and is designed for any size fleet.

Click here to enroll online.        Click here to download an application.

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